Alfe's Wizard Home Page

[Picture of Alfe]

Good day to you, dear Reader!

My name is Alfe. I lost my ability to die in the otherworldly year 1994. My sponsor at that time was the mighty wizard Shadowman who first introduced me to my new powers and who taught me not to abuse them.

Later in my wizard life most of my respect and friendship went to the mighty wizard Ugh who was a mentor of the first class to me. Up to the present day I rarely found a person with whom I cooperated as good as with him.

I became Lord Of Banking at the time when I was honoured with the title of an Elder Wizard. I recreated large parts of the magic which runs the banks and shops in TubMud. Later I also studied and changed the deeper hidden parts of the mechanisms of the world. I found my true love in the parts of the world which are not visible to the utter creatures which live in it; but I will not talk of that in public.

I made a career. I am an Arch Wizard of TubMud for many years now. I always tried to place the mud above my person, though I think that I sometimes failed. I had several quarrels with several people in TubMud, before and after becoming an Arch Wizard. I regret those quarrels.

If I ever got the feeling that leaving TubMud would benefit it, I would leave it.

Until then I will try my best to improve the world of TubMud on both the magical and the emotional side, I will try to help the utter creatures who are new in the world and I will try to support my fellow immortals in their struggle to create mighty realms and small gadgets, nifty things and ferocious creatures.