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Honestly, I would have liked to become a witch:
demand is high, job opportunities are abundant, salaries attractive and life could have been a lot easier.

Since no one could teach me magical engineering, I decided to settle for a pared-down variety. I ended up with mechanical engineering and graduated in 1989 from TU München after having survived a rather turbulent time at Adelaide University in Australia, aspiring to complete my 'Diplomarbeit' on time.

Then I tried my hands on a Ph.D. in process engineering at TU Hamburg, Arbeitsbereich Verfahrenstechnik I, aka TUHH VT1. In the course of events I stumbled over MUDs - in particular NightFall - and came to the conclusion that computers and making them work my way was much closer to real magic.

Back to Munich. Late in 1992 I started working for a fairly small and fairly disorganized software company called ARCHISYS. and spent long job hours working the magic of C/C++ on Microsoft's multi-faceted Windows beasts. About the same amount of time went into studying the finer details of UNIX connectivity to get internet access and subsequently my little private network network witches.ltd up and running.

This proved to be much more fun, so after four years of fighting Windows, the time was high to move on. As of November 1996, I'll be working for iXOS. Lots of magical inspiration will be required there for proper quality management and control - no need for anything like the Ariane5 desaster, right ?

If you're desperate for a - rather unbecoming - likeness, check out the pictures taken at the 1. International MUD Conference in Sweden, Summer 1994, in particular No.12, Friday, titled 'Annabell och Bunnybuster', but hopefully some more pleasing images can be offered shortly.

Points of possible interest:

There's this MUD bibliography I compiled a long time ago. Then I've only just started writing up a bit along the lines of LPC/MUD howto's. Want to know about Annabells ? Can read German ? Then check out these song lyrics.

In case you wish to comment on anything that leaves the least bit to be desired, please check the contact list on how to get back at me.

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