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This tentative pamphlet references a list of documents about MUDs and related topics which I started collecting with the intention to write yet another paper about social phenomena in LPmuds . Whilst working on it, the scope has somewhat grown to generally include anything to do with 'social' and 'virtual'. I suspect this will pose a serious obstacle to finally getting organized and writing things down, but I'll worry about that then.
Add-on September 1996: Unless my upcoming new employment proves to be a breeze and I'll have plenty of time on my hands, forget about it.

For a quick look into things, check out the overview. The bibliography is organized into various topic groups, you might want to plunge straight into one of them:

All are alphabetically sorted; apart from the bibliographical details, available sources are given according to my current, rather out-of-date knowledge. For flames, suggestions, new sources and anything the likes, look up the contacts.

I've included just about every reference I have come across so far and found it might be or actually is useful, given my personal intentions. For each item in the list, the bibliographical details as known to me are given and any extra information (contact to author, where to get the source and such).
Some documents are dereferenced in others: if the details differed, I've included the 'more precise' version. Due to technical restrictions (e.g. no News access atm), I have read only some of the listed documents (those which list 'my carbon copy' or the likes under 'available'). Availability, contacts etc. I verified as existing/working are marked as such - if they're not, I simply haven't gotten around to check them.
The list is not even remotely comprehensive, but will be extended as I get new sources of information. I'd appreciate any comments and hints to do so and/or shape up this pamphlet. Anyone who wants to do so, see the contacts.

Overview (incomplete)

  1. MUDs
  2. Habitat
  3. Cyberspace
  4. Social Aspects

Contacts - Revisited

In case you found new sources worthwhile adding, submit them to me - i.e. Annabell - at, but please be sure to include the full bibliographical details and, if possible, any available net sources.
Of course a mail within TubMud is another alternative and maybe you might wish to try a TubMud finger and see what happens ? Whatever, checking my TubMud Home Page might reveal more of my current mud activities.

I feel very obliged to the persons who have helped collecting and organizing this list:

Demos, Demos@TubMud - Alexander Weidt
email: - check his home page

Hal, Hal@TubMud - René Laufer
email: - check his TubMud home page

Sharilla, Sharilla@TubMud - Irina Leyde

Trillian, Trillian@TubMud - Matrina Busch
email: - check her TubMud home page

Syron, Syron@TubMud, Syron@NightFall - Lars Küning

Annabell, September 1996

Annabell, September 1996
Compacted, SpellChecked, but no re-checks of URL's done.
Note: The documents referenced are all rather outdated. I haven't had the time and energy to look for the latest stuff and the documents that happened to catch my eye reading this and that since were a lot of crap and not worth mentioning.     Bloody internet hype.
There are two new book entries in the cyber section, though: Rheingold and Woolley, which are good reading.
Whilst I was at reorganization, I changed some layout details. The actual information has been unchanged - and unchecked - I can't afford to surf around, so you're still on your own trying to locate referenced documents.

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